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Freshly made each day. Choose from a variety of white, wholemeal and grain bread. Classic and Gourmet fillings. 1.5 sandwiches per person. (1/4 vegetarian)


(minimum order 10 people)




Fruit Platter

Our fresh fruit platters are an excellent choice to match with lunch, morning or afternoon tea selections. We only use fresh fruit, and each platter serves 10 people.


(minimum order for 10 people)


European style baguettes cut to fit comfortably in your hand,  filled with Classic or Gourmet deliciousness. 3 pieces per person.


(minimum order 10 people)


Antipasto Platter

A luscious array of deli meats together with olives and pickled vegetables. Presented with a crusty French baguette. Each platter sufficient for 10 people.

A great "make your own" lunch.


(minimum order for 10 people)

Sweet Bites

Feel like a small, sweet treat for morning or afternoon tea? Choose from our home made range of:

  • mini cakes and muffins
  • scones with jam and cream
  • biscuits

2 items per person


(minimum order 10 people)

Savoury Bites

Prefer a savoury snack? Choose from our hot or cold range. Individually prices for each item. Click on the link below to download the Savoury Snack menu.

Price based on choice.

Talk to us, we can help you with your catering requirements.

Savoury Bites Menu